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Foot and Ankle Sports Medicine Advanced Course: Arthroscopic and MIS Approach

This course aims to provide practical insights and guidelines concerning the most frequent and relevant Foot and Ankle injuries in Sports Medicine. A current concepts perspective is provided concerning the most updated information available coming from top experts in the field.

Master Class Skills Lab For Live Animal Model (Pediatric Laparoscopy)

The University of Minho and the European Pediatric Surgery Association (EUPSA) come together to organize a new hands-on course of Pediatric Laparocopy. We will be focusing on the basic laparoscopy. By the end of this Master Class, participants should be capable to initiate their first laparoscopic pediatric procedures. There will be theoretical sessions on laparoscopic equipment and instruments, suturing and knot tying techniques as well as major laparoscopic pediatric procedures. Participants will have the opportunity to practice their laparoscopic skills in ex vivo tissues and in the rabbit model.

Evaluation and Treatment of Infertile Couple

- To revise the essential aspects in the study and orientation of the infertile couple; - To revise the most current knowledge in topics related to infertility; - To understand in general terms techniques related to Reproduction Medicine and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, among others.

Intensive Communication Skills Course

Intensive Communication Skills Course is designed to give professionals the necessary technical and conceptual skills of best practice in communicating with patients. The Intensive Communication Skills Course is intended to provide professionals with the foundational skills of patient centered communication through comprehensive communication skills training alongside standardized patient encounters.

Fundamentals in Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery that has developed at a great rhythm in the last decade. With a very high technical component, this hands-on course is a great opportunity for orthopedic residents training on realistic and well-designed arthroscopic models.

Basic Laparoscopy for Residents

We prepared this hands-on course specially design for residents. Having in mind a low-cost laparoscopic course, basic minimally invasive techniques will be taught both in theoretical and in practical sessions.

Autodesk Revit

Course directed to students and professionals in architecture and related fields in order to provide the skills in BIM (Building Information Modeling) parameterization technology.

Autodesk certification exam

Knowledge certification in the use of Autodesk products.

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