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Biostatistics in Health Sciences

It is intended that, with this course, students acquire basic skills for performing and interpreting relevant statistical tests in the health sciences. It is also intended that students acquire area specific vocabulary and the skills to understand scientific literature and write statistical reports. The course's learning outcomes: 1. Know the relevant statistical methods in health sciences. 2. Select and apply the appropriate statistical procedures to the research goals. 3. Develop skills in data analysis software. 4. Acquire skills in interpreting the results. 5. Conduct studies where statistical procedures are applied.

Bioinformatics in Health Sciences

The Bioinformatics in Health Sciences course aims at presenting and providing practical training in the application of computational methodologies to the organization, analyses and comprehension of data generated in biological and health sciences research. By the end of the course the students will be able to identify situations where Bioinformatics is useful in the resolution of a specific problem and skilfully chose and implement the appropriate computational technique.

Construction and Validation of Psychoeducational Assessment Instruments

The creation of this course results from the need to acquire and update knowledge and skills in the area of ​​Research Methodology.

Fundamentals in Genetics, Development and Neoplasia

In this course the student will have the opportunity to discuss and have some practical sessions of the principles governing human genetics, developmental biology and cancer.

Fundamentals In Immunology and Infection

This course aims to provide basic knowledge and practical skills in infection immunology. With this objective as a basis, students work as a team in the presentation and discussion of scientific articles and bibliographic research works that are discussed together with the teachers. In this way, it promotes teamwork, facilitating the integration of acquired knowledge with the need to investigate and communicate science.

Percursos Complementares em Medicina

Estes cursos apenas estão disponíveis em Português.