Payment Method

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After entering the billing data and before reaching the area for selecting the desired payment, a validation of the entered data is displayed, along with the order summary:    
You must confirm or, if you detect any errors, you can return to the cart.    
In this way, confirming this step, a new window will be displayed with the amount of the order and the payment methods.    
These three methods are available to all customers, Portuguese or foreign.    
Payment by credit card     
Allows the use of Visa or MasterCard, and a 3DSecure form will appear    
after filling in your data you will be asked for your card details:    
Payment by Multibanco – only for Portuguese banks’ accounts    
It has a limited validity, and only generates the reference if you click on the button    
The status is automatically updated as soon as the payment is made, so there is no need to wait 24 hours after payment.    
Payment by MBWay    
Allows you to pay with your mobile phone number, and this data must be confirmed through the MBWay application that you have installed.    
Order Status    
To return to the order page in the store, you must select the «Return to Store UMinho» button.    
As long as the product is not in the Paid status (due to an error in the payment or due to the customer's will), you can view the Payment Info and change the selected payment method by selecting Cancel or    
Your PDF Invoice    
Your invoice will be available in PDF on the portal once payment has been successful.